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No Home Left Offline:Qualifying Households Save $44.95 Per Month With Pulse’s ACP Supplement

In the United States, only 30% of households that are eligible for internet assistance have signed up for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). In Loveland, the adoption rate is even lower at just 19%, according to Education Superhighway, a national non-profit with a mission to close the digital divide. That means 81% of people in Loveland who could benefit from internet payment assistance each month are not currently receiving it.

Ensuring that all Lovelanders have access to the highest quality connectivity to work, study, access health care, and play is the reason Pulse exists. We are proud to be able to help make this critical resource even more accessible for our most vulnerable community members.”


The federal ACP offers qualifying households $30 per month of assistance with their internet costs. Pulse has made the program even more helpful by adding an additional $14.95 per month of assistance – for a total of $44.95 – making the Starter package FREE for those who are eligible. 

Lovelanders are encouraged to see if they qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program at LovelandPulse.com/ACP

Know someone who may qualify but needs assistance or questions answered? Have them call our friendly Loveland-based customer service team at 970-541-4990.

Pulse is on track to complete phase 1 construction by the end of 2023. Check to see if Pulse internet is ready to serve you now at LovelandPulse.com/CheckAvailability.

Get started with the ACP:

Pulse Internet Is Obsessed With Outstanding Service and Our Scores Show It

When an organization has no fiduciary responsibility to profit-earning shareholders, and it exists only to serve the community, a key success metric becomes: How do our customers feel about the experience we deliver? 

We are proud to report that Pulse customers are very satisfied. Even more impressive is how our community-owned internet utility stacks up against major internet service players around the nation.  How are we comparing our rankings? 

What is a Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely used metric that gauges customer satisfaction. The score is based on a simple survey question that asks customers to rate their likelihood to recommend a service to a friend or family member on a scale of 1-10, with 0 being “not at all likely” and 10 being “extremely likely.” To calculate the score, subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. The resulting score can range from -100 to 100, with higher scores indicating greater customer satisfaction.

Pulse scores over 17 times higher on customer satisfaction than the national average

In August 2022, PC Magazine collected data about 16 of the top internet service providers (ISPs) in the country. The average rating among them all was four. Pulse’s customer survey net promoter score is 68.4! Our customers are surveyed after they’ve been online with us for a while and had the full Pulse experience. They are able to provide feedback about the entire process: sign-up, pre-installation, installation, and our rock-solid fiber-optic service. The survey includes many questions, and the aim is always to find out if there’s anything that can be  improved upon. But it’s also where we’ve learned that Lovelanders are jazzed by the entire Pulse experience!

Pulse is on track to complete phase 1 construction (defined as within city limits when construction began in 2019) by the end of 2023. Check to see if we’re ready to serve you now at LovelandPulse.com/CheckAvailability, or give our friendly, locally-based customer service team a call at 970-541-4990

About Pulse

Pulse offers multi-gigabit-speed Internet, PulseTV, and Voice services on a fiber-optic fast network. The community-owned fiber utility is built with a promise to connect the entire Loveland community, be transparent with rates and speeds, and provide local service and responsiveness second to none. Please visit LovelandPulse.com to learn more.

2023 New Year, New Internet!

Today’s homes and businesses are brimming with connected devices – TVs, watches, phones, washing machines, health-monitoring jewelry, security devices, you name it! With Pulse’s rock-solid fiber-optic network, Lovelanders can confidently stay connected no matter their streaming and internet needs. To think through the speed that makes sense for you, consider the total number of devices and how much bandwidth each one consumes.

Counting Devices

Use the following list to ensure you don’t miss any device.

  • Start with personal devices – laptop, tablet, cell phone, watch, gaming devices, etc.
  • Do the same for every other adult using the connection.
  • Think through all of the smart TVs, including televisions that use a streaming device (e.g., Amazon Fire Stick, AppleTV, etc.)
  • Count children’s laptops, tablets, and cell phones.
  • Finally, count home devices like smart speakers (think Alexa-Echo or Google Home devices), doorbells (ex. Ring), irrigation controllers, security video cameras, appliances (robot vacuum to sous vides), thermostats, and security systems.

Consider The Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the maximum capacity a connection can deliver. Higher bandwidth means more data can be sent to and from more devices. Remember, certain devices use more bandwidth than others. For example, 4K smart TVs use a lot to stream programs – so, if you have multiple smart TVs streaming simultaneously on a small bandwidth connection, you may experience buffering.

Whether using an internet connected mobile phone for a simple web search, or engaging in a more intensive activity like watching YouTube, if your kids are actively using their cell phones, expect they are consuming bandwidth. Laptops and tablets consume bandwidth for gaming or file sharing. Even your Echo smart assistance will take up bandwidth if you’re streaming music while getting dinner prepared.

Adding It All Up and Upgrading Your Connection

Upgrading your internet will improve the performance of all the devices in your home. Increasing connectivity ensures everyone can use their devices at the same time without experiencing slowdowns! Selecting Pulse’s My Gig – a gigabit of symmetrical connectivity per second –  means that nobody needs to take turns on video conferences for work, or who streams which show or movie at a given time, or plays online games against their friends. Give our friendly, locally-based Customer Service team a call 970-541-4990 so we can answer all your questions and help you choose the best internet speed plan to meet your device and bandwidth needs, or visit us online at LovelandPulse.com

About Pulse

Pulse offers multi-gigabit-speed Internet, PulseTV, and Voice services on a fiber-optic fast network. The community-owned fiber utility is built with a promise to connect the entire Loveland community, be transparent with rates and speeds, and provide local service and responsiveness second to none. Please visit LovelandPulse.com to learn more.

2022 Was A Big Year For Pulse, 2023 Is Shaping Up To Be Even Bigger

As year three of Pulse network construction comes to a close, the team is proud of what has been accomplished since the beginning of 2022 – and excited for what’s to come in 2023! In the spirit of the season, these are a few of our favorite things… 

  • International Customer Experience Award – We are always working on ways to deliver on our promise of a rock-solid utility backed by outstanding customer service. First, we are building a state-of-the-art multi-gigabit network that will be available at every address in the city. Then, we optimized our backend systems to create an incredible customer experience . We are proud to report that Pulse was recognized with the SugarCRM “2022 Customer Experience Innovation Breakthrough Award.” This recognition is for our true end-to-end customer experience implemented across service, tech support, engineering, marketing, and sales. The Breakthrough Awards celebrate businesses across the globe, so it is an honor for Pulse’s bold vision to be recognized.
  • Gold Stars From Our Customers – With over 70 Google customer reviews, we are rated at 4.6 stars. With grades like these, we know our customers are satisfied. See for yourself at LovelandPulse.com/CustomerLoveStories
  • Accessible and Affordable – We launched the Pulse Affordable Connectivity Program Supplement in September, offering assistance beyond the standard Federal plan for disadvantaged households. With the Pulse ACP Supplement, qualifying customers are eligible for free or reduced-priced connectivity, depending on their selected package. Since launching this expanded aid, we’ve doubled the number of homes in need being served with these funds. Find out if you’re eligible at LovelandPulse.com/ACP
  • Loveland Businesses Love Pulse – Service to Loveland’s businesses – the economic life-blood of our community – is hopping! We recommend businesses interested in switching to Pulse in the near future reach out to us as soon as possible for bookings in the new year. Our dance card is filling up quickly! Fill out this online form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP: LovelandPulse.com/Business
  • Out In the Community & Recognized By The Community – Pulse has been out and about (and in some cases, in or online) at over 30 events to connect with our community this year. Sponsoring a blood drive, educating the community at farmer’s markets and on webinars, hanging out at the Corn Roast, and many others. We have also been honored by the community. Pulse was recognized at the LiveLoveland.Org 60 Years of Seeds of Innovation Event with the 2022 Community Champion Award, and with the 2022 Aspiring Innovation Award from the Loveland Chamber of Commerce

With 2023 around the corner, we’re getting excited as Phase 1 of the construction project is entering the home stretch. We are also working on new features, tools, and processes to keep delivering on our promises of incredible service to the community (current Pulse customers, you’ll want to keep a close eye on upcoming announcements!). If you haven’t already, check to see if your address is in a Pulse-ready area now, and keep in touch with us for news, updates, and feature launches at LovelandPulse.com/CheckAvailability


Pulse offers multi-gigabit-speed Internet, PulseTV, and Voice services on a fiber-optic fast network. The community-owned fiber utility is built with a promise to connect the entire Loveland community, be transparent with rates and speeds, and provide local service and responsiveness second to none. 

Colorado Citizen Action Request: Two minutes for the future of high-speed internet.

LOVELAND, CO– With billions of dollars on the line to develop reliable high-speed internet access in the United States, every Coloradoan is strongly encouraged to Click-Check-Challenge their home and business addresses’ service details on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) connectivity map.

To challenge is simply to request a correction.

The map, located at https://broadbandmap.fcc.gov/home, allows visitors to look up addresses and see if the information provided is accurate. If the information is not correct, visitors can provide accurate information by clicking the Availability Challenge button on the page.

The Process

Step 1: CLICK the FCC map and enter your address.

Step 2: CHECK to see if the internet service options and the stated speeds
listed on the map are actually available at your home and business addresses.

Step 3: CHALLENGE – Correct the map with the information
that’s accurate for your home or business.*

* A note on speed: If a provider has said a speed is available, but you are unable to sign up for that speed with the provider, that would be grounds for a challenge. If you personally choose to subscribe to a lower speed option than what is available to you, that is not grounds for a challenge. 

Detailed instructions on how to submit a challenge, including screenshots showing where on the page to click to update information can be found on this FCC How to Submit a Location Challenge informational page.

“There are discussions with state broadband offices and consumer advocacy groups nationwide that the information listed on the FCC mapping site – especially in rural areas – is not nearly as accurate as it should be to be used to allocate funds,” said Brieana Reed-Harmel, Pulse manager. “Reports are surfacing across the county that the map lists services that are simply not available at individual addresses. These inaccuracies will translate into real money to serve the communities that need it most to be lost.”

She continued, “The most effective thing Coloradoans can do to bring high-quality affordable internet to their neighborhoods in the future is to Click-Check-Challenge their home and business addresses on the FCC map by the deadline – January 13, 2023.” 

Any Colorado, business, school, church, library, or place with internet service can review the map and challenge the information.

The call-to-action to Click-Check-Challenge the map data is urgent.
The FCC has set a deadline of January 13, 2023, to provide correct information for the purposes of
allocating BEAD money to states for future infrastructure development.

Reed-Harmel explained the importance of the FCC having accurate information.

“After the challenge process is completed, the data in the final version of the map will be used to determine how much grant money Colorado will get to improve internet service throughout the state,” she said. “If the final FCC map contains inaccurate data, thousands of Coloradoans – especially those in rural, and outside city-limit areas –  are likely to be left out. The more we can help citizens correct the data, the more Coloradoans will be guaranteed a future of quality connectivity.”

In addition to the public outreach process, Native American tribes, and other internet-related citizen action groups are scouring the map data and will challenge any erroneous entries they find.

This action must be taken by citizens by January 13, 2023 to be considered.

Pulse Honored With Two Awards For Innovation

LOVELAND, Colorado – November 17, 2022 – Pulse has been named SugarCRM’s 2022 Customer Breakthrough Award winner for CX Innovation and the Loveland Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Innovation Award winner. These awards place Pulse in both the global and local arenas, spotlighting the team for its innovative spirit and excellence in serving the Loveland community with multi-gig fiber internet.

SugarCRM is the developer of the award-winning AI-driven CRM platform that Pulse uses to deliver an end-to-end customer experience implemented across its service, tech support, engineering, marketing, and sales teams. “We congratulate each of our Breakthrough Award winners for their innovation and excellence, and distinguished application of Sugar to let the platform do the work to drive exceptional customer experiences,” said Jason Rushforth, SugarCRM’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas. “These customers and partners have realized the significant value of using technology to excel in sales, marketing, and service that fuels business growth.”

The Loveland Chamber of Commerce recognized local organizations at its 2022 Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony on October 28, 2022 and chose Pulse as the Innovation Award winner because of its pioneering spirit in helping build a strong and vibrant community.

“Being recognized with these awards is a testament to the quality of work and vision of the entire Pulse team. Four years ago (on November 6, 2018), Loveland City Council gave us the green light to start a fiber-optic utility. While there are similar projects to benchmark against, we’re truly aiming to surpass all expectations and break the mold for excellence in all areas – from network performance to customer service and beyond.”

— Lindsey Johansen, Communications and Marketing Manager

About Pulse

Pulse offers multi-gigabit-speed Internet, PulseTV, and Voice services on a fiber-optic fast network. The community-owned fiber utility is built with a promise to connect the entire Loveland community, be transparent with rates and speeds, and provide local service and responsiveness second to none. Please visit LovelandPulse.com to learn more.

Loveland’s internet, Pulse, launches ACP supplement to expand access for underserved

Pulse’s 100% fiber-optic internet, voice, and television network is being installed to serve Lovelanders now and for generations to come. With this utility in place, our residents will be guaranteed to have access to high-quality internet that will stand up to the data demands of the future.

To increase access to high-quality connectivity today, Pulse has launched an Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) supplemental expansion. The ACP is a federal program to help the underserved stay connected with up to $30 per month of assistance. Pulse has pledged an additional $14.95 per month for ACP-qualifying households.

Residents in Pulse-serviceable areas that qualify for ACP will now receive a total of $44.95 per month in connectivity assistance. With this amount, customers using the Starter package will have an end-bill of $0 per month for their internet service, and homes using the My Gig package will enjoy a full symmetrical gigabit of connectivity for only $30 per month.

Ensuring that all Lovelanders have access to the highest quality connectivity to work, study, access health care, and play is the reason Pulse exists. We are proud to be able to help make this critical resource even more accessible for our most vulnerable community members.”


Learn about Pulse’s ACP Supplement at LovelandPulse.com/ACP.

Read our Press Release about the launch of the Pulse ACP Supplement.

Get started with the ACP:

Disposing of Old Devices Safely

Whenever you get new devices like cell phones, tablets, or computers, you should consider how to dispose of your old ones. You shouldn’t just toss them in the garbage and start fresh with the latest model – they’re probably full of your photos, emails, banking information, and other important information!

Here are some tips on how you can safely get rid of your old devices and start enjoying the new ones – made even better on Pulse’s super-fast and reliable network.

Back It Up

The first step is to back up your information. Backing up your data regularly — even when you’re not getting rid of your device — is a good habit to get into. Whether it’s music you’ve downloaded, documents you’ve typed or pics you’ve snapped, backing up is a form of insurance in case your computer ever crashes or gets hacked.

When discarding an old device, think about what you want to keep. Some people back up everything and sort through it later, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But if you’ve owned your device for a while, backing up every single file might be a lengthy endeavor. You might prefer to pick and choose what you save.

Either way, you have three options for backing up your device. Data migration is a techy-sounding term for when data gets moved from one location to another. In this case, we’re talking specifically about storage migration, when information is changing storage mediums.

Device to Device – Some devices, like desktop computers, will allow you to transfer data between devices. Using Migration Assistant for either Mac and Windows, you can even transfer between the two different systems – although the process can be a little tricky for the less tech-savvy.

External Storage – In this case, your external storage device will be the middleman. You start by transferring all your data to a separate device. Depending on how much data you have, your drive could be as small as a USB flash drive or as big as an external hard drive.

The Cloud – The cloud is the current favorite for data migration because it’s super easy and doesn’t require any extra hardware. This transfers all your data to the cloud via the internet. Once complete, your files can be accessed from any device. It’s fast, simple and secure, making it the optimal choice for data migration beginners.

Do a Final Cleanup

Before you toss your old device, be sure to log out of all your websites, wipe any saved passwords and unpair your devices. Finally, erase the computer’s hard drive. You’re washing your digital fingerprint from the device and protecting yourself in the process. Most computers and mobile devices can be restored to factory settings through built-in utilities.

Toss It Without Hurting the Environment

Because empty devices are filled with electronic components and substances like lead, mercury and cadmium, they’re hazardous material and shouldn’t go into a landfill. Take it to your local hazardous and electronic waste depot. If it still has some life in it, consider donating it to someone else who might enjoy it!

Here’s a list of the places that accept electronics for recycling in Larimer County, Colorado.

Now you’re set to enjoy your new gadgets! Don’t forget you’ll need great internet to get the most out of them. Keep browsing our website, or give us a call at 970-541-4990 to learn all about Pulse’s 100% fiber-optic network and sign up for internet, TV, and/or voice service today!

The tips above are a good start to protecting your privacy and online data. And by employing these and other safeguards, you can use the fast fiber internet from Pulse confidently, as well as reliably!

This article is part of our Digital Safety Series. Also in the series (we’ll add to the list as articles are published):


6 Ways to Secure Your Personal Online Data

Is your personal online data safe from the growing security threats that, regrettably, are a part of our online world today? It’s a question every internet user needs to ask themselves. Given the threats of phishing, ransomware, and other scams, it’s worth taking stock of your current online security and considering additional measures you can take to protect yourself. Below are several tips to help you and your family better secure your online data and navigate the online waters more safely.

Invest in Quality Anti-Virus Software

Antivirus software is an essential tool in your digital toolbox. It can help protect you and your family from threats that could steal your personal information, login credentials, and other sensitive data. Popular programs include McAfee Antivirus Plus, Norton Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, and Kapersky Antivirus.

Review and Activate the Privacy Settings on All Connected Devices

Most devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones come equipped with security features and privacy settings designed to protect users from digitally sharing personal details, such as your name, email address, and location while browsing online. Though none of these settings are totally foolproof by themselves, they can be a helpful first line of defense against many common threats. Be sure to review the privacy settings on each device and choose the level of protection with which you are most comfortable.

Share Personal Information Carefully and Sparingly on Social Media

People naturally use social media to share details of their lives. From birthdays to anniversaries to new addresses, social media pages can be a treasure trove of personal information that can tip off hackers to passwords and security question answers. Think carefully about what information should and shouldn’t be shared—especially when filling out those seemingly innocuous “copy and paste” surveys. Talk to your family about posting wisely but not widely.

Check Privacy Settings on Other Apps You Use for Log-ins, Such as Your Facebook and Google Accounts

Let’s face it—when installing a new app or logging into certain e-commerce or other websites, it’s just easier and faster to login in with our Facebook or Google accounts, rather than reentering our personal details for the umpteenth time. But that means you need to be careful with the data and information Google and Facebook share with the other Apps. Be especially attentive to the “permissions” you grant Facebook and Google through their privacy settings, as they connect your accounts with these other Apps.

Install Adblockers and Tracker Blockers

Although some of the programs listed in our first tip about Antivirus Software include them already, if you do not have them, consider installing Adblockers and Tracker Blockers. Ads are annoying, but they can also “take” some information from your devices that you would rather not share with an ad you didn’t want to see popup in the first place. Similarly, Trackers can “follow you” around the internet as you leave a trail of your online activity. Adblockers and Tracker Blockers can often be installed directly onto your web browser, and help provide protections against privacy exposures from ads and trackers, as well as reduce your overall privacy risk.

Establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Finally, consider establishing a Virtual Private Network. Now, we know that sounds a bit technical, and maybe even scary. But VPNs can provide extra layers of protection and privacy on top of the other measures you’ve already taken above. A VPN moves your data through a “tunnel” to a separate, secure server first, and then encrypts your personal data before it “hits” the web, shielding and even hiding sensitive aspects of the data, such as your location, from potential threats. There are many VPN service providers, including NordVPN, ProtonVPN, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, and SurfShark. Another option, TunnelBear, is a less edgy, more user-friendly option for first-time VPN users.

The tips above are a good start to protecting your privacy and online data. And by employing these and other safeguards, you can use the fast fiber internet from Pulse confidently, as well as reliably!

This article is part of our Digital Safety Series. Also in the series (we’ll add to the list as articles are published):


Pulse Requesting Approval of Interfund Loan

At the Loveland Communication Advisory Board (LCAB) meeting on May 11, 2022, staff presented a progress report on Pulse network construction and made a recommendation to secure a $15M loan to cover the costs to complete network buildout.

The progress report showed that the pace of network construction and the take rate of subscribers are on track to meet Pulse’s operating plan and budget set in 2019. The pace of network construction is meeting or exceeding the originally forecasted timeline of 4-5 years for citywide buildout. While the pace is on track, construction started 12 months later than planned because of a delay of municipal bonds issuance and a mutual parting of ways with the original construction contractor over an inability to meet acceptable contract terms. Take rate – the percent of subscribers in a neighborhood (measured in intervals starting after 90 days of service availability) – is on a healthy trajectory to meet Pulse’s required target of 32% – 42% by the end of the buildout.

Pulse cited how unforeseeable events of the last several years – including the global pandemic, unprecedented new development in Northern Colorado, and inflation not seen in over a generation – have greatly impacted financials.

Examples of these impacts:

  • Because interest rates on investments dropped to nearly zero percent since the beginning of the pandemic, investment revenue from bonds was nearly 40% less than what was conservatively budgeted.
  • Prices and lead times for materials have been getting higher and longer. Overall inflation for material is averaging between 25% and 30% from the beginning of the project, meaning less construction can be completed at the prices the budget was created for.
  • Northern Colorado is in the midst of explosive new development, causing additional network construction at these higher prices. While it is more economical to install fiber conduit for new development as compared to existing, the amount of new development has been beyond what anyone forecast.
  • Ongoing global events and continued uncertainty of the market are causing fluctuations in material pricing, especially for petroleum-based products – such as conduit and polycrete vaults and handholes. 

These factors combined have ultimately resulted in a funding gap between $10.23M and $15M.

After evaluating several financing options to address this funding gap, Pulse has recommended utilizing an Internal Line of Credit Loan from the Power Unrestricted Fund with a not-to-exceed value of $15M. The loan term would be 18 years, paying interest-only in years 1-8, and paying interest and principal starting in year 9. The interest rate will be set at the investment rate for the City, as is customary for interfund loans within Water & Power, and Pulse would only be able to withdraw funding as needed.

The interfund loan will not impact rates for either Loveland Water and Power or Pulse customers. Pulse is an Enterprise Fund – it is funded by rates and fees collected from Pulse subscribers, NOT by residents’ taxes or electric rates.

Loveland City Council established Pulse to bring reliable, fast, and affordable broadband service to everyone in Loveland. Higher-than-expected construction costs and lower-than-expected interest revenue have put an unexpected financial burden on Pulse’s ability to meet City Council’s directive.

Pulse will be making a presentation on May 24, 2022 to Loveland City Council, requesting that they approve an Ordinance Enacting a Supplemental Budget and Appropriation to the 2022 City of Loveland Budget to Establish an Interfund Loan between the Power Utility and the Municipal Fiber Utility. View Loveland City Council’s webpage for meeting details.