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Pulse Honored With Two Awards For Innovation

LOVELAND, Colorado – November 17, 2022 – Pulse has been named SugarCRM’s 2022 Customer Breakthrough Award winner for CX Innovation and the Loveland Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Innovation Award winner. These awards place Pulse in both the global and local arenas, spotlighting the team for its innovative spirit and excellence in serving the Loveland community with multi-gig fiber internet.

SugarCRM is the developer of the award-winning AI-driven CRM platform that Pulse uses to deliver an end-to-end customer experience implemented across its service, tech support, engineering, marketing, and sales teams. “We congratulate each of our Breakthrough Award winners for their innovation and excellence, and distinguished application of Sugar to let the platform do the work to drive exceptional customer experiences,” said Jason Rushforth, SugarCRM’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas. “These customers and partners have realized the significant value of using technology to excel in sales, marketing, and service that fuels business growth.”

The Loveland Chamber of Commerce recognized local organizations at its 2022 Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony on October 28, 2022 and chose Pulse as the Innovation Award winner because of its pioneering spirit in helping build a strong and vibrant community.

“Being recognized with these awards is a testament to the quality of work and vision of the entire Pulse team. Four years ago (on November 6, 2018), Loveland City Council gave us the green light to start a fiber-optic utility. While there are similar projects to benchmark against, we’re truly aiming to surpass all expectations and break the mold for excellence in all areas – from network performance to customer service and beyond.”

— Lindsay Johansen, Communications and Marketing Manager

About Pulse

Pulse offers multi-gigabit-speed Internet, PulseTV, and Voice services on a fiber-optic fast network. The community-owned fiber utility is built with a promise to connect the entire Loveland community, be transparent with rates and speeds, and provide local service and responsiveness second to none. Please visit LovelandPulse.com to learn more.

Loveland’s internet, Pulse, launches ACP supplement to expand access for underserved

Pulse’s 100% fiber-optic internet, voice, and television network is being installed to serve Lovelanders now and for generations to come. With this utility in place, our residents will be guaranteed to have access to high-quality internet that will stand up to the data demands of the future.

To increase access to high-quality connectivity today, Pulse has launched an Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) supplemental expansion. The ACP is a federal program to help the underserved stay connected with up to $30 per month of assistance. Pulse has pledged an additional $14.95 per month for ACP-qualifying households.

Residents in Pulse-serviceable areas that qualify for ACP will now receive a total of $44.95 per month in connectivity assistance. With this amount, customers using the Starter package will have an end-bill of $0 per month for their internet service, and homes using the My Gig package will enjoy a full symmetrical gigabit of connectivity for only $30 per month.

Ensuring that all Lovelanders have access to the highest quality connectivity to work, study, access health care, and play is the reason Pulse exists. We are proud to be able to help make this critical resource even more accessible for our most vulnerable community members.”


Learn about Pulse’s ACP Supplement at LovelandPulse.com/ACP.

Read our Press Release about the launch of the Pulse ACP Supplement.

Get started with the ACP: